Boeing Equatoriana-720b-960


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  • Boeing 707-320B Pan American-960
  • Boeing 727 PSA & 737-960
  • Boeing 727 with DB Cooper bailing out by Mike Machat-960
  • Boeing Aeroperu-727-100-960
  • Boeing B-52 Stratofortress with Hound Dog missiles-960
  • Boeing Equatoriana-720b-960
  • Boeing KC-135A & B-52D refueling by Mike Machat-960
  • Boeing KC-97 refuels B-47 by Mike Machat-960
  • Boeing VC-137B Air Force One-960
  • Bombardier Global Express by Mike Machat-960
  • C-5 glider by Mike Machat-960
  • Cessna 310B Songbird-960

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